2011 Player Grades

Prepared by Geoff Crook & David Elwood

For the benefit of new members this list is produced using the ECF method.

Grades without a prefix indicate more than 30 games in the past three years. Grades prefixed E mean that the player has played between 15-30 games in the past three years. The E grade will be used for calculations in subsequent years. Players with an N prefix have played fewer than 15 games. This less accurate grade may not be used in calculating the following year’s grade. If your name is not included in the list, I have not been advised of any games played by you during the year. I would also point out that SOT games are not included for grading purposes.

The top 4 full grades are: A Balshaw 227, L T Ellis 221, E V Foulds 221 and A Cannon 220. The largest increase in a full grade was J Dunn 110 to 122. Congratulations.

The players playing the most graded games were A Cannon and S Cranmer with a total of 45 each.

Should anyone therefore have any query about their grade then please do contact me via email

NameOld GradeNew Grade
Aitken NE10093
Arthurs TN120
Baker A R A120
Balshaw A230227
Beckett P178182
Biddulph DN155N155
Blake M JE184192
Bradney RE194192
Braunton R JE159159
Brook L116124
Brotherton T S184191
Burridge R J145134
Burton S97E113
Cannon A224220
Carr J WN133E139
Clapp J DN120
Clark S L199197
Clayton IE141E141
Clements J PE132E134
Clews W A156N156
Clough F165162
Coats JE115E127
Cockerill M KE111E108
Coleman G183181
Conterno D205199
Cook R NE60E56
Cooper R168169
Copsey AN222E216
Cox R175E156
Coyne D187195
Cranmer S E161160
Crawshaw R146152
Crook G A DE202201
Crump J R172166
Davies S JN165N165
Dawkins A WN127N127
Denton S PN120
Dickinson P M141136
Dixon R N156155
Dunn J110122
Durkin W FN120
Eastoe L K GE206209
Eldridge MN185E192
Ellis L T218221
Elwood D141142
Etherington J R209211
Farrar ME10292
Finnie D J174181
Flack P GE123E121
Foulds E VN215221
Fox J135135
Fuller J LE132143
Gallimore C D191193
Gardner AE169185
Gosling D C9383
Gould I C177179
Grayland S JE191E208
Grobler D J170167
Haigh BN120
Hampton BE129E124
Hanger J BE178E173
Hardwick M E7780
Harriman R171163
Herbert GN147N147
Hollingworth SN133E130
Howell D124
Hughes G169165
Hulse P172E183
Hurse M J129132
Hutchins J MN120N120
Jefferson NE179E182
Jolly R115N115
Kirk JN120
Knee JN120
Knox AN120
Lawrence Miss SE138E158
Lead B WE156E155
Limbert N193E183
Lindop A153145
Mann R HE159146
Marshall I183185
Mason I J200197
McLaughlin K WE216E211
McMahon F174180
McMillan N HN147E167
Moore GE143E139
Morgan F VN129E131
Mullinger ME159E164
Neil CN80E84
Nevill DE87E87
Paterson TE125E121
Pattrick G205209
Pepper M150155
Phillips PN120
Picken R D147144
Powell DN116N116
Raafat Dr FE115E111
Raby E B DE192190
Rashleigh JE175170
Reed AE182190
Rennison N SN120E195
Rhodes J DN120
Rhodes LN146162
Richardson DE120118
Roberts DN120N120
Schofield MN120N120
Selby RE102N102
Slupski M153
Smith A D J124121
Smith M JN139E127
Smyth S A145130
Sutton AE217204
Tanner A W J126106
Taylor TE206207
Thompson B154138
Thompson S W181182
Thornton J104102
Tibbert P H149153
Tolliday AN184N184
Toye D K121117
Tupper AN120N120
Tymms J D M184172
Vallance RE131E137
West M AN94N94
White TE10499
Witt D H AN120
Wood B A118118
Woodruff D GE121E131
Wybrew Dr RWJN120N120